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Hi, I am a Yorkshire girl who lives in New Zealand.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Amazing Grace by Jotta.A Brazillian child singer

Jotta A. stole our heart last week with his unbelievable performance of Agnus Dei. While his vocal talent is undeniable, there is something extra special in the heart of this performance of Amazing Grace that will take your breath away. He has the voice
of an angel and his heart is bursting with praise to the Lord. You HAVE to see this!!


  1. i was speechless when the 1st time i saw his video singing this from a christian site named (www.godvine.com) by random searching on Google...
    it's unbelievable this boy has not even one little mistake on his performance ^_^.
    he melted my heart,...
    i was on duty that time, in the middle of the Muslim people in a Muslim country (i mean where i never found any churches just to pray when my Sunday coming),.. but by hearing this little boy singing,.. I feel like my body's shaking,..just hold my breath a while,.. and my tears starting,.. down over my face...
    it's nice to read his on your blog too :)
    am just thinking,..if you can help me to find me the video file,.. i have an idea to give a present for my little brother. He'll love it ^_^
    hope somebody can help me. i cannot find his DVD in this country.
    thx so mush guys....

  2. HiBarbie thanks so much for leaving a comment and I agree with you about this young man, he is so inspirational, he has an amazing voice and he glorifies God.
    I am not sure what you mean by vidieo file, you cn probably get it on itunes or Godtube which is where I downloaded it from.
    It is so cool to hear from you and I would love to know if there is anything I can pray for you.


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